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Boudoir Photography

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Boudoir Photography











Photography for the woman whose heart beats with passion and love

Who knows that you only live once so grabs hold of life tight and doesn’t waste a second

She steps out of her comfort zone

And travels to places she’s never been and hunts for adventure and life’s great experiences

Has little ones, big ones, friends and family to inspire and nurture

Who knows that wisdom and laughter lines are the mark of a life well lived and a woman well loved

For the woman who knows there’s no better time than now


Boudoir Photography

Fabulous Fact No.1

The word FABULOUS is Andreas favourite word and you will find it cropping up regularly through this website.  You could try counting how many times but suspect you may loose count.

 It’s all over Facebook and Instagram too!

boudoir photography

Often we are busy taking pictures of our fabulous families that we forget that we are very rarely IN any of the images or we believe that we don’t look good enough to be present in any – queue very sad face emoji. You know the one with a little tear about to fall?  Well that’s my face right now.

The good good news is that’s what I am here to solve – queue the very smiley emoji!

As a woman who loves to photograph women and those they love whether they have two legs of four – which includes, but my list is not exhaustive, sons, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, dogs or horses if they are loved by you then they are more than welcome.  The one thing that is guaranteed is that you will have an amazing time, feel fabulous and …… wait for it……..look fabulous too.

Yes, I know, you always hate yourself in photos but I have a few tricks up my sleeve which will result in you actually loving your images and, you’ve guessed it, seeing how damn fabulous you are.

Oh and whilst we are on the subject of those you love that includes YOU. Yes that’s you the wonderful and down right fabulous lady reading my website – thank you by the way.  My Lovely Lady or Boudoir Shoots, which one depends upon how many clothes you think you might want to wear, are all about you. You may choose to have a set of fabulous images of yourself in gorgeous gowns and dresses or wish to remove a few and go for a Boudoir Photography Shoot.

It’s all so exciting and I can’t wait to help you decide.

Just click the link and we can arrange a chat



The lovely Jessa says ………….


“This wonderful lady somehow manages to be a photographer, life coach, well being booster and body confidence instiller.  I never imagined a photo shoot could be so relaxing and enjoyable or would include so many laughs.”

……… and Jessa is absolutely fabulous in every way

So how many times has Andrea used the word FABULOUS ?

......... and counting!

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