There is a wonder and beauty to horses that I am in love with.  They have been a passion for me since I was a little girl and it was one of the most exciting things I have even done when I bought my first horse.

It was after having to have my last horse put to sleep at the age of 26yrs that I realised I had no images that captured that very special relationship that we had for over 18yrs.  It was this that started me doing shoots that capture that very special friendship between horse and rider.

These type of shoots just have to be my favourites and when I went over to do Catherine’s shoot it was everything I could wish for. We had a great time and there certainly was an amazing bond between Catherine and her two lovely mares.  We raided the wardrobe and found some lovely outfits and Catherine and her girls were perfect models.

Take a look and if you would like to have this sort of shoot then do get in touch I would love to meet you and your horses.



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