I spent another wonderful day training a fantastic group of photographers on Aspire Photography Training’s How to Photography Dogs course just before Christmas.

My days spent there are always so amazing and I am always really excited to see what models I will have for us to play with.  I couldn’t have been more pleased when I met Millie, Elmo, Alfie and Indie and of course Anne.  Anne had been on one of my previous courses and had volunteered herself and her dogs to come along and model for us.

There truly could not have been a bigger contrast in breeds both in looks and in attitude!  It was certainly a great lesson in watching and observing the differences in breeds.

Despite having a rather wet day, and I really must get my self some waterproof trousers, I make no apologies for the larger than normal number of images here from the shoot.  There were so many I just loved and made me smile and laugh I just had to share them.

If you would like to learn more about photographing those four legged furry friends that are so often a big part of many families then why not come along to my next course.  You can find all the details you need HERE

Hope to see you soon