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My Story – A Boudoir Shoot changed my life

  It may seem a rather strange thing to say but a boudoir shoot or a Lovely Lady shoot as I like to call them did indeed change my life! Let me tell you how. I had woken up one day in the middle of a very difficult time in my life, we all have them, and decided I...

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Gorgeous Girls and a perfect photo opportunity

This image is from a shoot I did with my daughter and her friends and as much as its a huge cliche that "They grow up too fast" I now totally get it,  they do and yes I'm starting to sound like my mum and my grandma rolled into one! It's images like this that really...

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How and why did I become a photographer?

I have always been a photographer.  I was inspired by my father who loved his cameras and have spent many holidays photographing sunsets and scenes that caught my fathers eye and in those days it was all on film.  I'm showing my age now as digital hadn't even been...

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