I made the decision a while ago that my clients and I are much more relaxed and at ease out and about in surroundings that they are familiar with , so get thinking as to where your perfect shoot would be.

Then we have the different seasons each with their own distinct looks.  You can choose a different one each time you would like a portrait shoot.  It works really well as a family grows up to choose a different season and place for your shoots over the years.  Wooly hats and scarves in the winter or sun dresses and bare feet in the summer.  Whether we are doing a family shoot, one with your four legged friend or its your perfect wedding day I love everything there is about our landscape and seasons………and yes that includes the rain!

Where are you going to display those images that we will create together?

 It could be in a  beautiful handmade album which keeps a number of images safe to look back on in years to come or it could be in a fantastic frame for your wall so you can see your favourite images every day

…..or you may choose both.



Every child and every family is unique and children change so fast not only in appearance but in attitude too!

Being as no two families are the same my shoots aren’t either. The only rule is that we have to be having fun. You will be yourselves in a place that is special to you where I can capture the love, joy and bonds that are your family.

Where would you go? The park, the beach, the woods or maybe a garden? The choice is yours.

….. and if you have a beautiful new arrival due get in touch before they appear. Having a shoot in the first 2 weeks is perfect. It captures their loveliness at a time when they change so quickly.

If you would like more information regarding your options please get in touch and I will answer all your questions




As a woman life throws a lot at us pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, work, running a home and being a wife or partner! It’s easy to forget you are an amazing, beautiful, unique and dare we say it sensual woman.

Between us we will go on a journey to reveal the woman you truly are and who you may have forgotten even existed!

Whether you are doing it just for you, as a gift for your partner or even for your husband on your wedding day this is an experience you will never forget.

I can tell you myself that my life quite literally started again after having my shoot and I have a lasting memory of that day in a picture above my bed and an album of my favourite images in case I forget.

I am happy to have a chat about your shoot as each one is unique and we can put together one that suits you perfectly.




They are certainly one of the family – mine certainly are.

They are all individuals, each with their own unique personality, and we have a very special bond with them. I will capture that love and trust in beautiful images to keep for a life time.

Choose where you want to go. Where is your favourite place? That’s where we will go so we can capture you and them together.

What to wear? You may not have considered wearing your favourite dress or a suit but it may be exactly what we need to create some truly stunning images.

 If you would like more information regarding your options please get in touch and I will answer all your questions




Weddings are the most amazing and beautiful time in a couple’s life and as a complete romantic it is a privilege to be asked to photograph a wedding.

You will find my photography captures the love and joy at your wedding in the best possibly way for you and hopefully my mascara won’t run!

You can look forward to an engagement shoot when we can all get to know each other. This makes having your picture taken on your big day one less thing to be nervous about. I will be there from the moment you start to get ready until the lights go down for your first dance.

Those precious, unforgettable moments will be captured for the years to come and you may also choose to add a beautiful handcrafted story book to your package.  They really are wonderful.

 I am very happy to have a chat about your big day and put together a package that fits you.