In my life as a photographer I get to meet lots of very amazing and wonderful people.  It’s one of the reason I do what I do.  A few years ago I was approached by Forget me Not Hospice who asked me to work with some of their families and its something I absolutely love doing.

As a parent there have been times that I have found it challenging!  As my girls have got older the worries haven’t gone away just changed.  When I started working with the families supported by Forget Me Not Hospice I was staggered by the situations that these families found themselves in.  They say be the hero of your own story.  These parents and siblings are unarguably super heroes.

So let me introduce the super heroes that I met at the end of last year

Please meet Shalome and her parents Colin and EJ and her big sister Faith.  I spent a very special couple of hours with them playing in the park and being photographed by Faith who had received her first camera for Christmas.  They are a very very special family and Shalome really is a light in the world and it was a pleasure to spend time with them.

I know the support they receive from Forget me Not Hospice is invaluable and if you are feeling inspired to help support this incredible charity why not check out their events list  The Wing Walk is calling me just not sure I could actually do it!

Forget me Not Hospice helps families create memories and as a photographer I capture those memories.

You can find more about Shalome and her family HERE


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