There is one thing that I often hear from my clients and that’s “When I’ve lost a bit of weight” or “I’d love a Lovely Lady shoot but not until I’ve shed a stone.” I know when I speak to these gorgeous clients that they look fantastic and would be amazed how they do look if they let me loose with my camera.   We are always so self critical and without a shadow of a doubt we concentrate on our perceived bad bits rather than see just how damn wonderful we are as a whole.

But there are moments when we decide that we do want to get fitter, get toned or run that 5k.  We want to have the confidence to be able to book that Lovely Lady shoot and get that image on the wall.   One of those moments happened to me at the end of last year.  I’m not getting any younger and my body has certainly thrown some challenges my way so I set off on a bit of an adventure and it was at the start of this that I met the person who was going to really help me get to where I wanted to be.  Fit, happy and energetic enough to tackle a Muddy Obstacle Race.  That would be the person who became my Personal Trainer –  Kieron Spencer.

It was during one of my sessions that we started to discuss what I could advise my clients was the best way forward if they were looking to get fit and feel fabulous before they booked that shoot they so wanted to do. He had many thoughts and ideas so here are Kierons top tips to getting started and staying on that journey.

Take Ten

Real emotion will drive motivation, be honest with yourself and take time to understand the reasons behind why you want to improve your fitness. Take 10 minutes and write down your honest thoughts, whether these be ‘I just want to look good naked’ or ‘I want to go on a bike ride with the kids and not be exhausted’.

Don’t fail before you start

Setting goals is a great way to maintain your motivation however be realistic. Set mini goals that are true to your current fitness level whether this is a goal of running 10k without stopping or running up the stairs without being out of breath. Add new goals to continue to boost your confidence.

Triple P

Planning and Preparation equals Progress. Take time to plan out your meals and exercise routine. Work out a routine that fits around you and your life to promote positive outcomes.

Keep it simple

Yuzu…Goji…acai berry…The list of ‘superfoods’ goes on which can be daunting and overwhelming. Keep it simple…cut back on the treats and increase the good stuff. You can’t go wrong with healthy lean meats, fresh fruit and veg!

No Regrets

Get moving…whether this be taking the stairs not the lift or walking to the shop rather than taking the car. If you are joining a gym, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, increase the incline one more time, get that heart rate up. You will never regret working up a sweat.

Chinese or Indian?

It has been a terrible week, work has been crazy, the kids have been crazier, the house is a mess and you haven’t had 5 spare minutes. The local takeaway is called and a bottle of red is calling you… Trust me…we have all been there; the key is not to give in. Take Ten…Go back to that piece of paper and look at your motivation to change and get back on to the Triple P!!!

So what are you waiting for?

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