A few weeks ago I went to an amazing event, PhotoLondon, which was a photography art fair held at Somerset House.  I went along for a day of pure photographic indulgence and hoping to have my horizons stretched to a place outside my comfort zone and my goodness it did all of that and more!

I have been taking photographs all my life and now have a career I love.  The one thing I don’t do much of is take images just for me and have fun exploring an idea and stretching my creativity.  Walking around PhotoLondon and seeing the most amazing work from the past and the present created in so many different ways was liberating.  There were no rules, no right and no wrong just wall after wall of incredible images.

I also went to hear Ori Gherst speak which challenged me and taught me more than I could have imagined.  If you haven’t seen his work check him out.

The result was a very very excited me sat on a train back to York with a sketch book and a pencil scribbling down all the ideas I have had floating around my head for years.  They were no longer ideas but something that was now written down in front of me which I could refer back to and develop further.  I was determined that I was going to make time to create images just for me.

So I am very pleased to say that my first series has been started which has been inspired by a childhood of looking at Vermeer,  Aelst and the other Dutch Masters and applied it to a subject I just don’t encounter within my business.   I have always loved the way photography can make you look at a subject in a different way so with this in mind I composed my fruit with a feel for something non fruit related.  I have lots of other fruit i want to photograph and some vegetables so this is just the beginning.




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