I always love the days I spend with Aspire Photography Training – teaching people and sharing my love of photography is always so much fun.

Yet again I met some great people all wanting to learn more about photography and share their passion.  When I put the course together I wanted people to leave with all the information they would need to really get creative and take control of their cameras.  Once you understand the basics there is no end to what you can do with it.

We do cover a lot of things on Aspire Photography’s Getting Started in Photography course including heading off on my Light Safari and  then putting all we have learnt into practise with a gorgeous model and oh and what a model we had this time.  The totally beautiful Jessica Landells.

If you are wanting to learn more about your camera and really take control of it why not join me on the next course.  You will leave with lots more knowledge and confidence to  create the images you want.



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