This image is from a shoot I did with my daughter and her friends and as much as its a huge cliche that “They grow up too fast” I now totally get it,  they do and yes I’m starting to sound like my mum and my grandma rolled into one!

It’s images like this that really make me realise how important it is to grab a moment, get it organised and just do it. My daughter has this on her wall in her bedroom and now each one of these Gorgeous Girls has taken the next step on the amazing journey that is life.  Some are at college others are at sixth form and one thing is true for all of them they are each going to be incredible.  I’m so glad that we did this shoot even if the long hair and the wind did cause a few difficulties!

I attended an amazing event last week The Female Founders Fair and its aim was to empower girls to become the bosses of the future.  If you have Gorgeous Girls in your life or are a Gorgeous Girl I would check them out and keep an eye out for their future events.

Whenever I am at events I always ask people to tell me one fabulous thing about themselves and last week was no exception.  It has proved to be my favourite part of being at shows and fairs.  Here are a few from last week written by Gorgeous Girls both young and those a little older too!

“In 1982 I was the third lady to complete a race over the Grand National fences”

“I have a fabulous mum who inspires me”

I have a fabulous sense of curiosity, want to change the world and keep travelling”

“I have a fabulous life with fab friends and family”

“I hope to be a strong inspiration to my beautiful daughters”

Looking at the girls in the image above I wonder what their story will be and what they would choose as one of their fabulous things.

I feel privileged to have been part of their life so far and captured a set of images that they can all keep as a fabulous memory of their friendship.

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