I have always been a photographer.  I was inspired by my father who loved his cameras and have spent many holidays photographing sunsets and scenes that caught my fathers eye and in those days it was all on film.  I’m showing my age now as digital hadn’t even been invented then!

I loved it.

I saved up money from teaching guitar and flute, I was a bit musical in my youth, and finally managed to buy my first totally manual SLR camera with three lenses and it’s fair to say I was rather proud.

I think thats when the seeds were planted.

I didn’t however pursue photography as a career but headed off to Nottingham University to study Pharmacy.  My camera did go with me though and I enjoyed photographing my friends and surroundings until my images started to go blurry.  This could have been a fault with the camera or, as it was totally manual and I had to focus it myself, too much time in the Student Union bar. Now before you start jumping to conclusions I discovered later that it was because I had become shortsighted and was not alcohol related in any way.  My addiction to gin was to come much later!

It wasn’t until I had my two gorgeous girls Emma and Lily that my passion for photography was well and truly reignited.  At this point I had achieved my dream of owning a pharmacy and everything was on track.  Then one day I woke up and realised that I wasn’t  particularly happy and as the cliche goes  “you only live once”  so I decided to sell the pharmacy and pursue something that made me truly happy.

I made plenty of lists the ones with what you love on one side and what you hate on the other and there was one thing that kept jumping out at me. It was photography. So with only the first two letters in common with my past career I started my journey to become a professional photographer.

I have never regretted that decision for one minute.

I know how much I love looking back through the images I have taken of my family and laugh at the hairstyle I had and the clothes I wore. I wonder where the years have gone and I remember the love I felt when I first held my girls and the pride when they finally managed to swim unaided. It’s an emotional rollercoaster going through my albums.  My girls giggle and sigh complaining about the way I dressed them or didn’t dress them but without those photos my memories would be a whole lot duller.

That’s why I’m a photographer.

When we look at a photograph you see the people but you also remember the moment and how it felt.  That for me is priceless.  I know the photographs my clients have on their wall and in albums will do just that.  I set out to capture the love and your relationships as its not just about how you look but how you feel.

  ……..and yes before you ask I am a total romantic!

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