Meet the Pink Lily Lovely Ladies

meet the team- Pink Lily family

This is me and my girls, both two legged and four!

I wasn’t aways a photographer but started out life as a pharmacist  ….. and no, there isn’t much in common other than a P and a H.

I love using my camera to build confidence in Lovely Ladies and Gorgeous girls, creating images that will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond.

I wouldn’t do anything else.

I’m a total romantic and can often be found with a large G&T and a nice selection of chocolates.  I’ll have been out with my fabulous rowing crew on the river first though as I’ve learnt to row.


My fabulous facts are………

I have run 3 marathons including London which was incredible and yes I cried when I crossed the finishing line.

I used to own chickens, horses and bees and still have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 gorgeous girls.

I had a boudoir shoot and it changed my life!

Fabulous Fact No. 7

The name Pink Lily Photography came about as pink was Emma’s favourite colour and Lily is Lily.

There are some very fabulous  ladies who ensure your time with Pink Lily Photography is perfect so let me introduce them:


Barbara is there to ensure you’re looking your best on your Lovely Lady and Gorgeous Girl shoots – she has a very keen eye for an out of place hair!

She can also be found behind the scenes ensuring your order is perfect and casting her secretarial eye over my social media posts and spotting all the mistakes.

Barbara’s Fabulous Facts are………

She used to be a medical secretary.

She used to live in Rotterdam.

She runs regularly with GoodGym and parkrun.

She is one very wonderful and fabulous lady and I wouldn’t want to be without her

meet the team - Barbara Griffin


 Marci is your hair and make-up fairy godmother and she will wave her magic wand and sprinkle you with stardust and make you shine.

She too is part of the fabulous Pink Lily team and is my trusted Hair and Make-up artist.

I absolutely love watching Marci create incredible looks for Lovely Ladies and Gorgeous Girls. She has been working with me for many many years and I can certainly say she is one very talented lady.

Marci’s fabulous facts are…..

She is a yoga instructor.

She enjoys travelling and I always love to see where she is heading next.

My wish is for Marci to move in and create her magic  on me every morning!

Meet the Team - Marci Stuchlikova

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