It may seem a rather strange thing to say but a boudoir photography shoot or a Lovely Lady shoot as I like to call them did indeed change my life!

Let me tell you how.

I had woken up one day in the middle of a very difficult time in my life, we all have them, and decided I needed to do something to give myself a boost. The question was what and so began the creation of a list of possibilities.  It included spa weekends, holidays, nights out with the girls, running a marathon, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, moving house, changing jobs and moving countries!  The list became long and increasingly bizarre but I had a rule that nothing was rejected straight off.

I was in the photography world and had come across something called boudoir photography but had dismissed it as having no interest to me.  My thoughts had immediately associated it with The Sun’s page 3 and other publications that just weren’t for me but I had heard that it was an incredible confidence boost so as my rule was dismiss nothing there it sat on my list.

” Have a boudoir photography shoot “

Those words kept jumping  out, but for me, to even talk to someone about a shoot would be a huge leap out of my comfort zone but a few weeks later I found myself travelling down the M1 with a car full of lingerie wondering what on earth I had done.

Don’t they say magic happens at the end of your comfort zone?

I was 40, had two young girls and in no way thought I was photogenic and when I arrived I made it clear that pictures could be taken of any part of me except my face and promptly burst into tears!  My wonderful photographer Kate listened and smiled and set her Make up Artist to work covering my blotchy eyes.

My self confidence was at an all time low and I had chosen this to put me back on track.  How much gin had I drunk to think this was in any way a good idea?

What happened over the next few hours quite literally changed my life and how I saw myself and felt about myself and that was before I had even seen an image.  It was as I was driving back that I understood that having a boudoir shoot was about far more than just the images that were created.  It’s about being seen as you are with no comparisons, no criticisms and no complaints.  It’s just you in all your fabulousness being shown how bloody amazing you are when your not weighed down by the huge list of “wrongs” we create for ourselves. I can say that it is truly liberating.

Having someone say “wow” when they have taken an image of you takes a bit of getting used to but its an amazing feeling which everyone should experience in my opinion.

I was left floating on a cloud.  I’d found my reset button and from that moment on the only way was up.

I had arrived in tears and left with a huge smile and a huge amount of confidence in myself.  Surprised?  So was I and I knew I wanted to do the same for women in my business.  This for me was what photography was all about and I wanted to be able to make women feel the way I did at that moment.

I now create Lovely Lady shoots  and I love them. You can choose to have clothes on or clothes off or a combination of both the choice is yours. We will create images you never thought possible and that show you how fabulous you are right now.  We are all on an amazing life journey and we will change, develop and learn and in every moment we will be different. We can’t go back to how we were or see into the future to what we will be.

What we can do is create a beautiful printed memory of your fabulousness now with an incredible experience which reveals your inner goddess.  Well why not?

You do know it’s only you who can’t see her?

I can see one of my images everyday, its on my bedroom wall,  and it’s a great start to the day when I’m feeling a little wobbly!

So if your reading this and are about to write “Do a Lovely Lady Shoot” on your list let me know and I can tell you all about your shoot.  I promise it will be an experience you will never forget and you never know you might decide to do it more than once!



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