Your Brand Needs You

Personal Branding and Business Photography


Step out from behind your logo

Your business is about more than just a logo but does the thought of having your picture taken ensure you remain firmly hidden behind it?

You never look good in photos and no one wants to see a picture of you and that list of things that are, well, wrong with you keeps getting longer.

Well the only person with that list is you! Let me tell you you’re fabulous, gorgeous, successful and down right amazing and your clients love you.


Lets show them the incredible person that runs your awesome brand.

Just You – Head Shot Days

It’s always good to have a killer profile image and it certainly has to be one you can’t wait to share.


Our Head Shot days will be perfect. You can find our next date and booking information by clicking the link below

” You are a genius! I have had a good look through the pics and I love them. You have managed to capture me and I feel really comfortable with the images. They feel truly authentic. “

………… and it’s about more than just a killer headshot


All About You – Personal Branding Shoots


Your personal brand can be just as important as your business brand.

It is certainly true that people buy from people and showing who you are allows potential clients to connect with you.

This in turn develops  trust and understanding often before you have even spoken to or met them.

Our All About You Shoots will create a set of images that show your personality and tell the story of you.

We will ensure you have the perfect head shot both formal and informal together with a range of images that show what you do and who you are.

We will work in a variety of locations and have changes of outfits to help your story.

You will be leaping out from behind your logo not just taking a quick peek!

These shoots start at £295 and we can put a shoot together that fits you and your business perfectly.  Drop me a message and we can have a chat.

Here are some of the fabulous businesses I have worked with………

Naomi Smith, Morgan and Wells

Karen Griggs, The Old Forge, Sand Hutton 

Dr Joan Ransley – Cooking for the Sensitive Gut

All About The Business



Create fabulous images for your business

We run a photography course which is perfect if your wanting to get to grips with your camera and get those social media feeds shining