Earlier this year I had a rather wonderful experience.  I was staying in a lovely hotel in Bath, The Abbey, and after a rather difficult journey was welcomed into their beautiful restaurant where I asked for a Gin and Tonic.  Now I am rather partial to the odd G&T when the situation calls for it but never have I been handed a menu for the gin and another for the tonic.  It would seem that the hotel has a fantastic bar called The Art Bar and they pride themselves on their gin and tonic selection.

Here began a new addiction!

When I returned home I started to investigate the incredible number of different gins there are and decided that I was going to taste and enjoy as many as I could.   It was whilst I was exhibiting at The Living North Spring Fair that I came across Masons Yorkshire Gin  and as I am a Yorkshire Lass there seemed no better place to start.  So I went home armed with a couple of bottles- well one wouldn’t have been enough would it?!

I spoke to the lovely people at Masons and asked for their advice as to what to drink it with and their recommendation was either orange or grapefruit and black pepper and a good tonic such as Fever Tree.  I have now thoroughly tested these and have to say the grapefruit and black pepper has been a revelation and is simply delicious.  They have a secret recipe for their gin and even include Yorkshire grown Juniper berries and every batch is numbered and hand signed.  This is gin produced with care and love and I can say that I too am a big fan. If you haven’t already tried it go find yourself a bottle.  You won’t be disappointed.

So here are a few images I have taken of this delicious gin and watch out for the next stage in my journey.

Who knows where I will go next on my gin trail?