Over the years I’ve had a few different wedding packages but the one thing that I’ve never changed is the Pre-Wedding Shoot.  I’ve always included one in my packages and for good reason.

Not very many of us are models or spend our time having out picture taken – excluding the selfie of course! So it makes perfect sense to spend a little time before your wedding learning what its like to have your picture taken so on your Big Day its one less thing to worry about.  Your day will fly by, there won’t be much free time and we need to make the most of the moment we have planned in to create some beautiful portraits of just the two of you.

With this in mind I always plan a meet up before the day to spend some time getting to know each other and make working together an easy and stress free situation.  I’m going to be with you all day so it helps if we  all know each other and what we are going to do.  There is nothing like getting in front of the camera to help allay any fears you may have.  I have never yet had a couple say that they are comfortable in front of the camera and they know what to do but after having their pre-wedding shoot they always say they feel much happier about having their picture taken on the day.  It’s one less thing to worry about.  You will be practically professional!

When you decide to do your pre-wedding shoot is up to you you may choose to do it just before your wedding day or straight after you get engaged.  What ever you choose we will have fun and you can tell me all about your plans.

This shoot with the lovely Rebecca and Matt and was done up at the family farm where they will be holding the reception.

I can’t wait.