So when are you going to book your photo shoot?

There are many things that clients consider and speak to me about before they get that date in the diary, so here is a little blog post about some of the most frequent.

Time of Year

If you are looking at a family shoot, Ones You Love, the time of year you choose will make a difference to your images as my family shoots are usually done out and about – spring, summer, autumn, winter – the choice is yours.

Do you have a favourite season?  Is there somewhere that looks wonderful at a particular time of year that you love to go? That’s a great place to start. If you are having shoots over the years, as your family grows, it’s great to have them in different seasons making the most of bobble hats or sun hats depending on the weather which really could be any season here in the UK!


Special Event

Is there an event about to happen in your family?

Maybe you have a big birthday coming up or you are about to get married and you are looking at a Lovely Lady/Boudoir Shoot  to celebrate or give to your partner.  I did it for my 40th and know exactly what you’re thinking – you won’t stay like this forever and no you won’t, but we change in amazing ways so it’s never too late to celebrate how fabulous you are right now.

Your Gorgeous Girl is growing up too fast and every time you look she seems that bit more independent and that bit more excited to be moving on with her life away from you.  It’s an amazing time being a parent but your nostalgia button can get firmly switched on.  As the saying goes, time doesn’t stand still so get that shoot booked and you will have a beautiful set of images to keep forever.

Your family hasn’t got together for ages as everyone lives all over the place but they will all be together for Christmas or maybe a big birthday – mum or dad hitting the big birthday numbers?  This would be the perfect time to get a family portrait before you get on with your lives again all over the world.

I could list lots more but you get the idea.  What I would say is that if there is a specific date you want the shoot to happen on, or a date you need the images to give to someone special, then give me a ring as soon as you can so we can get you in my diary in plenty of time.


When I look better

 I hear this many, many times and there is nothing wrong with making sure you are looking your best for your shoot.

york photographer- when to book your photo shoot

I have added this picture of me and my girls at this point as I came across it a couple of years ago and it stopped me in my tracks.

Lily would have been about 3 months old and Emma will have just had her 2nd birthday.  What struck me about this picture is I remember being exhausted and having a rather floppy tummy and somewhat heavier than I used to be.  I remember bags under my eyes and feeling continually tired and not at all photogenic.

Well I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, and I don’t know what you think, but I see a happy mum with her two gorgeous girls on a day out looking rather damn fabulous.

 I certainly don’t look like that now but I now believe that I will be looking back in 15 years time at images taken of me now and saying WOW.  I’m going to make sure there are some so I can do exactly that!

We change throughout our lives, sometimes in ways we like and other times in ways we don’t.  We are not very good at seeing what makes us fabulous to everyone who loves us at any particular moment and very quickly describe ourselves as not photogenic, looking awful in pictures, heavier than we should be, thinner than we should be, bad skin, bad hair…….. the list is endless.

The truth is we are continually changing and are never going to look the same as yesterday so don’t wait too long before you book that shoot.

I want you to be looking back and screaming WOW – is that really me?


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