There are few things more romantic and wonderful than the moment someone asks you to marry them.

I have known Hannah and Trevor for a while now in fact they have had a portrait shoot done with me before and was thrilled when they got engaged and very privileged  to be chosen as their wedding photographer

When we were planning their engagement shoot I suggested we go to where Trevor had proposed as I remembered that Hannah had described it as a beautiful place.  There was only one problem Trevor had been so nervous he had just driven until he found the courage to pop the question.  So a challenge was set to find the spot!

Happily it was found on the outskirts of Ripon and what a place it was.  It was gorgeous and so romantic.  We had a great time although as soon as our backs were turned we found Trevor up a tree!

I love these images as I am sure you will too.

x Can’t wait for the wedding next spring x