It was at a business meeting that I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful team from Mirror Mirror.  Mirror Mirror is a new hairdressing salon in York which not only offers the usual services that you would expect but also runs a blow dry salon so you can pop in and get your hair perfectly styled when ever you need it.  No need to book you can drop in.

After chatting and exchanging numbers it didn’t take us long to plan our first project together.   Nicki had a charity fashion show planned and it seemed a perfect opportunity to put a shoot together and she had three themes in mind which were Mulled Wine, Snow Queen and New Year.

A huge thank you to Kenzi UK who lent us outfits for the shoot, they certainly fitted with our themes.

I think you will agree that Nicki and her team did a wonderful job.  They really are a very enthusiastic and very talented team.

  After a visit to them take a look in that magic mirror and ask that well known question.

The answer will most certainly be ‘You”